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Feb 1, 2016 → May 1, 2016
College Park, MD
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Luvozo builds robots for senior living.
During my time at Luvozo I worked on two National Science Foundation backed projects improving the lives of senior citizens.
Luvozo’s flagship product is a robot which could automatically perform rounds in a senior living center. The first project I worked on was a web console for managing fleets of these nurse-bots as they performed their rounds in a nursing-home setting.
Another product Luvozo builds is a sensor-laden cart which automatically detects tripping hazards as it is pushed around a home.
I worked on integrating data from all the sensors in the cart in real time so that the information could be piped to a machine learning algorithm and processed.
  • Built web application for managing a team of nursing robots
  • Implemented sensor integrations for a cart that automatically detects tripping hazards

Software Used:

  • Python for scripting
  • Flask for the web-server
  • Jinja2 for templating
  • Postgres for a robust database
  • SQLite for a quick and easy database

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