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Open Pano Thermal - HCIL

computer vision
Jan 1, 2017 → Jun 1, 2017
College Park, MD
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Project Thermo reliably creates thermographic panoramas of indoor locations in order to identify energy inefficiencies in rooms and buildings.
I worked on this project as a volunteer at the Human Computer Interaction lab at the University of Maryland, College Park.
The software I wrote was integrated into a self-contained device which could take a series of thermographic images over the course of several days in order to map heat issues over time.
The project is a fork of OpenPano adapted for thermographic images.
After many dead-ends I ended up achieving great results by first normalizing and enhancing the images using ImageMagick, then stitching them together using OpenPano.
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Results obtained using this software were published in two academic papers, possibly more:
Matthew Mauriello, Jonah Chazan, Jamie Gilkeson, and Jon E. Froehlich. 2017. "A Temporal Thermography System for Supporting Longitudinal Building Energy Audits."
Mauriello, M., McNally, B., Froehlich, J. 2017. “Thermporal: An Easy-To-Deploy Temporal Thermographic Sensor System to Support Residential Energy Audits”

Software Used:

  • Python for scripting everything
  • Image Magick for normalizing
  • Exiftools for reading meta-data
  • OpenPano for image stitching


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