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Mixily is a super slick event-hosting tool.

I worked with Mixily as a freelancer on and off over the course of 2019 and 2020. My contributions included major frontend and backend features including a couple large refactors. I implemented UI, created new API endpoints, wrote tests, and optimized DB queries.

As a user of the product myself I also made significant contributions to the product direction to create a very polished final product for anyone planning online or offline events.

Email Queue System

I built out an email queue system using Postgres and Sendgrid that enabled us to have a lot of flexibility with our transactional email sending.

Product Hunt Launch

I took the lead on launching Mixily on Product Hunt, putting together the majority of the assets, the copy, and marketing the launch. We received over 350 upvotes and were the #4 Product of the Day.

Client Feedback

"Anthony did great work. He implemented features, fixed bugs, and went above and beyond to polish user experience and suggest business-level improvements. He picked up new technologies quickly, touching all parts of the code from the database schema to the CSS. I can recommend him highly for a full-stack web developer position."

-- Andrew Badr, CEO Mixily, March 2020

Software used:

  • Postgres, React, Django, Sendgrid
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