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Technica is the largest all-ladies hackathon in the world, held annually at the University of Maryland, College Park.

In 2015 I helped organize the first Technica hackathon. I built a team of mentors and volunteers and organized them during the event. I also raised $5,000 in funding and helped manage logistics.

Over 500 students attended our inaugural event.


I reached out to hundreds of mentors in the DC-area and beyond and got 50 excited people to sign up to mentor our hackers.


Coordinating volunteers took multiple months of planning.

Once the event drew close we held a series of volunteer interest meetings where we got people excited about the event and how they could help. In the week before the event I led walkthroughs of the venue in order to make sure that volunteers were familiar with the venue and ready to help out on the day of.


Tech+X GitHub was an introductory GitHub workshop I gave around Halloween time during the lead up to the second Technica.

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