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Sep 1, 2015 → Jun 1, 2017
Several Places, but mostly College Park, MD

Amazon Sellers LA

I remotely organized a monthly meetup in Los Angeles, CA with over 250 members.


FeelVision is a navigation tool built for the blind, who would normally rely on using white canes to walk. Using Leap Motion IR cameras and Pebble Smartwatch haptic feedback, we introduce a cane-free navigation environment while giving the blind ability to recognize what is in front of them through computer vision technology.
This hackathon project won "Best Use of IBM Bluemix" at PennApps XII.
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Software Used:

  • Pebble Smartwatch for haptic feedback
  • Leap Motion for infrared cameras
  • IBM Bluemix for object detection and classification
  • Python for scripting


VRoom-VRoom is an immersive user experience that integrates virtual reality via an Oculus Rift. The user controls a miniature vehicle trapped inside a tabletop maze with the objective of finding the treasure hidden at the center of the labyrinth.
This project won "Best Hardware Hack" at Hoya Hacks in Washington, D.C.
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Software Used:

  • Python for scripting
  • HTML and CSS to build the webpage
  • Cardboard to build the maze (not software)


We found out that the Myo Armband did not have native Linux support - so we decided to provide it!
We reverse engineered the bluetooth protocol of the armband to provide a shared C library, libmyolinux, which allows the raw packet data to be interpreted and displayed to the user.
This project won the Grand Prize at HackUMBC Fall 2014.

Software used:

  • Python for scripting
  • Pygame to build the interactive demo
  • C to process packet data
  • Thalmic Myo Armband to get gesture data

Eldritch Esbat

Hung an 8 foot tall paper-mache nose from the side of the Physics building.
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More Hackathon Projects

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