How to sell

Sales is not a dirty word unless you’re a slimy salesperson. Good sales isn’t slimy. Good sales is about helping people solve their problems.

How to sell

Focus on your customers problems, not your solution.

It's about them, their problems, and how you can help.
Rephrase their problems and repeat them back.
You want to hear "that's right", "you get it".
We trust you when we feel heard and when we trust you, we buy.
This applies to 1-1 sales for large contracts as much as it applies to the copy on your website.
The only difference is the method of delivery.
Whether I'm talking to you or reading your landing page, I want to feel understood.
When you show that you understand me I trust you.

Do your homework.

Understand the value you deliver. Be authentic, knowledgable, & confident. Be an expert. You have the knowledge and ability to deliver.
It doesn't feel "salesy" to sell a good product.
It feels like solving a problem for your customer.

Price based on value. Negotiate on features.

Everyone wants a discount. Don't do it.
Set your price based on the value you provide. Decrease price by removing features and the customer understands that your prices are rooted in reality.
When you pay less, you get less.

Know when to walk away.

What's your plan B?
Do you NEED this deal to survive or do you have 10 other customers lined up waiting?
Figure it out ahead of time and you'll know when to be flexible and when to walk.
Halfway out the door is a great place to negotiate from.

Know when to shut up.

Be comfortable with silence. Let them talk, let them think.
Say what you need to say, then shut up.

Adapted from this Twitter thread:

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